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Reiki is a safe, gentle, non intrusive hands-on energy healing technique. It is a holistic treatment for balancing healing and harmonising all aspects of the human body, mind and spirit. The Japanese word Reiki is translated "universal life force energy" 'Rei' means universal and 'Ki' means life force energy. Everybody has an energy life force running through them. When you become ill or stressed the energy pathways get blocked. Reiki helps to unblock them so that it runs more freely, which in effect helps balance and harmonise body, mind and spirit. Distant Reiki healing is also available from Lydia


Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing
Chakra cleansing and balancing is cleansing of the energy centres, known as the chakras.  The 7 main chakras are the centres of our energy body and life force energy on every level. They are our emotional centres too.  Past traumas or imbalances may have had an impact upon our energy and so do our chakras.  This energy sticks there until it is cleared.  I will look in the areas of your chakras, removing negative energy that may be stuck, causing a block, be it emotional or energetic.  This brings clarity, balance and harmony to your body, mind and soul.
An Aura is our energy field which can be like a protective filter. Sometimes for a variety of reasons our Aura can get clogged up with negative energies. Along with balancing your 7 main Chakras I will also cleans your aura allowing positivity to flow and spiritual well-being to be restored

Crystal Healing Therapy
Crystal Healing utilises the subtle healing vibrations of gemstones and crystals to induce deep relaxation and initiate change and healing on profound energetic levels. Crystals can receive, store and transmit light and electro-magnetic energy and are used for their specific healing properties, as well as for their colours which emit the same frequencies as healthy corresponding Chakras. In the therapy session they will be used to clear, realign and open the Chakras to receive light and healing, restoring balance to the etheric body. This etheric vibration level (the Aura and Chakras) is where all disharmony and imbalance first manifests and addressing discord at this level can restore mind, body and spirit. This deeply relaxing treatment is a wonderful opportunity to experience a shift in consciousness and an awareness of crystal energy.