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Tarot Card Readings
( Inc Runes and Palmistry)

A Tarot Cars Reading can help you gain insight into many areas of your life. Sometimes we need a little guidance to discover what the next step of our journey should be. The tarot will not make decisions for you, as those choices are your own responsibility, but it can help you clarify your options. My style of reading reflects my belief that each of us has an inner self which is wise and knowing. This inner self sometimes gets hidden under the pressures and habits that build up in everyday life. When used properly, a good tarot reading can help you focus and guide you to get in touch with your own intuition and bring greater understanding to your current situation. Self discovery through tarot can bring unexpected rewards and can help you understand your circumstances, so as to make the best choices for your future
A Tarot Card Reading session lasts for 1hr, during this time I will do several spreads, the first few being more general and then going into more depth. You can choose to focus on a particular area and also have the opportunity to ask questions.
Telephone and Postal Tarot Readings are also available at a time that is convenient for you