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Pregnancy Massage....

What is Pregnancy Massage?

I am fully qualified in pregnancy massage so I can offer this treatment at a very special time in a woman's life and it is a real privilege to be able to do so. Pregnancy massage is the same as conventional massage but it is tailored specifically to make sure no additional strains are caused and it is carried out ensuring the comfort and safety of both mother and baby.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy Massage has all the benefits of conventional massage but most importantly it gives the new mother time to connect with her ever changing body. it also helps constipation, improves breathing, aids restful sleep, reduces stress, relieves aches and pains and improves digestion.

Throughout the treatment you will be in a safe and secure position for you and your baby. My pregnancy massage is gentle and comforting and it connects the mother and baby through the power of touch, working with two heartbeats as one.

For more information please see my treatment list or you can call me directly on 07786 330758.
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